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Bat Radar is a social influence platform that has become the reference point for marketers all over the world.

Les Cahiers BR, our blog, is one of the means by which we promote our services.

Our job is to collect, classify and sell data to the community of social influence professionals in an impartial and independent manner.

We carry out our work scrupulously and professionally and have innovative internal procedures. The Bat Radar rankings are considered “influential” by all the managers who work in the influencer marketing sector.

We are aware of how much this industry has grown in recent years and how important it is for an influencer to appear in our rankings.

We are happy to accommodate all requests, if this means to signal new ambassadors and new investment opportunities to marketers. We hope to make it easier to create the necessary dialogue between influences and businesses so that the most mutual and beneficial connections can be made.

What to do

If you are not present in our rankings, you can be entered.

Once included you will always be present in our systems. We will make sure your page can be analysed and appear in the ranking (provided the page is always active).

It is important to know that this cost does not purely guarantee high ranking results, since the algorithm has been created to generate impartial and independent results. And yet, many bloggers, and many influencer agencies, have now realized that being in our database, in any position, ensures an incredible advantage over those who are not present. In fact, our rankings are followed by the largest international marketer community in all sectors.

Entering the database costs £ 18,00. This is because Bat Radar:

1)       Maintains the highest level of influencers we can present to our customers;
2)       Operates exclusively in B2B and professional level markets.
3)       Provides complete commercial transparency to combat fraud.


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