Counting Stars

Discover the list of the Instagram Stars ranked by bat factor.

Twinkle twinkle rising star

Discover the list of the Rising Stars in Influencer Marketing ranked by bat factor.

False Narratives and Data Storytelling

One of the potentially negative results in which the communicative process falls very frequently are the so-called "False Narratives".

Top social car brands – Instagram – Italian market – October 2018

Top social car brands. Instagram. Italian market. October 2018

Instagram Stardusts – Fashion Microinfluencers – November 2018

Discover the list of the most followed microinfluencers on Instagram.

Turning the Microscope on Micro-Influencers

Find out more about how influencer marketing and working with micro-influencers may affect your results.

Classification of influencers in TIERS or STARS

As of September 2018 Bat Radar has developed a new classification of the influencers in Tiers, or in levels.

New dynamic chart! Most followed models on Instagram (Tier 1 to 5 + Micro)

Most followed models on Instagram. Daily updated.

The platform

Bat Radar™ owns an award-winning social media monitoring and influencer marketing platform developed by Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical university in Italy.


Social Media Intelligence

To use social media successfully, you need to be measuring it.

Is your brand page successful? Are you driving brand awareness? How do you compare against your competitors?

Today, data is everywhere. And if you use data to answer these questions, you’re essentially acquiring insights or 'social media intelligence' to inform your future decisions and actions, improve strategies and convert followers into customers.

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Social Influence

Are you looking for your industry influencers? Check out our charts!

Rather than just using vanity metrics, Bat Radar™ measures the real value of the influencers ruling your niche.

Bat Radar™ is not an agency; it’s an independent influencer marketing platform. Driven by data, it can help you find the best audience for your brand through the most engaging influencers.

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Consultancy services

To best suit your needs and requirements, the professionals at Bat Radar can provide a complete managerial, strategic and operational process; both working side by side with your business, or alternatively as an outsourced reference point.

In both cases we aim to strengthen, consolidate and update your business marketing skills, to bring you greater analysis and success.

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Empower your Sponsorship Intelligence!

Which is the most influential brand in your industry?
Who are the most influential people in you industry?

Discover our powerful sponsorship analytics and valuation tool, both for buyers and influencers to measure and maximize value.

Bat Radar™ is the market leading platform to measure and quantify influencers value in social media, using real-time, data-driven intelligence and easy to read insights to maximize ROI.

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Influencer marketing is decisive not just to grow your brand's reach through a lively and exciting channel, but also to learn from industry leaders, stay up to date on trends and maximize your brand’s relevance with your customers.

Quantify and track the value and performance of your sponsorships in social media!

Get a complete picture of influencers, brands, celebrities, ambassadors, and how they rank against each other.

Stop your sponsorship values from being unmeasured.

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We help influencers to prove and increase their value to sponsors.

Show the world your value. Ask us how to stand out the crowd.

Get more out of your talent!

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We think what we do is pretty great, but don't just take our word for it!

We are extremely proud to have won an award from the Regione Lombardia. Our software has been financed with European funds (ERDF program by the European Commission), as a project that "fosters innovation in the digital economy at an international level".

We partnered with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. Fondazione Politecnico di Milano was founded to support the university's research and development, and to help innovate the economic, productive and administrative environment. Fondazione Politecnico is committed to building a more effective relationship between the university, industry and public administrations. Through their technology and innovation programmes, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano has supported and strengthened Bat Radar's entrepreneurial success.

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