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The most simple social media intelligence platform.

The platform

Bat Radar™ is an award winning social media intelligence and influencer marketing platform based on an innovative system of metrics developed and implemented by Politecnico di Milano.


Social Media Intelligence

A marketer poses endless questions for which clear answers are needed: is my brand page a real success? How do I measure the results of my actions on social networks? Am I going to achieve my goals? How do my competitors perform? And what kind of results do they really get? How can I improve my strategies on social networks? How can I convert my fans into customers?

Marketing has changed forever.
Data is everywhere.
Every thought the consumer expresses on the web becomes a measurable event.
The successful marketers are those who know where the data resides and what to do with these.

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Social Influence

Who are the best influencers in your industry? Come and see our charts!
Is your brand being represented the way you want it to on social media?
Measure the true value of the influencers you know and discover every day new ones.

Bat Radar™, the only independent influencer marketing platform.

Bat Radar™ is not an agency. It has no relationship with the influencers or with any of the agencies that manage them. Our strength is independence.

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Our consultants are able to provide a strategic and targeted training process for individuals or groups focused on enhancing, consolidating or upgrading the social media marketing knowledge in any business sector.

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Bat Radar™ won an award by Regione Lombardia. After passing all stages of selection it was approved and financed with European funds (ERDF program by the European Commission) as a project that "fosters innovation produced in the digital economy as a lever capable of stimulating competitiveness and better positioning of the business system at an international level".

Bat Radar™ has also partnered with the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. The Foundation plays a strategic role in fostering collaboration between the Politecnico di Milano, local and international companies and government agencies, with the intent to spread the University vast heritage of technical and scientific knowledge to the productive sector and transfer to it all the research results.

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is vivacious and operational agency wanted by the Politecnico di Milano and prestigious founders to contribute to the economic and cultural growth, with the aim of promoting the innovation of businesses and encourage their international competitiveness, as well as boost the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and its transfer to the productive and service sectors.


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