Top social car brands – Instagram – Italian market – September 2018

  • 9 October 2018
  • Written by: Bat Radar Team

In compiling the charts regarding cars, change was constant and rapid, almost as though there were a race between the main brands. From June through to September, Audi, BMW and Mercedes have fought to gain the pole position on the podium for the most followed brand on Instagram within the Italian market.

Between June to August, the first and second place was held by Audi and BMW, who have accustomed Bat Radar to an exciting head-to-head.

In depth analysis demonstrates that following June’s victory from Audi, BMW was determined to improve the following month. This paid off, when Audi lost its first-place spot in July. However, Audi bounced back reclaiming their title in August and reconfirming it in September. In September the number of interactions between first and second place was surprisingly very broad (423.128 interactions vs a low of 298.600) with the second place gone unexpectedly to Mercedes.

The results? Well for that month alone, BMW had to settle for the first time in four months the lowest step of the podium, having been left in the dust by its competitors.


Most followed car brands on Instagram in the Italian market – September 2018

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Most followed car brands on Instagram in the Italian marke –  (dynamic chart, updated and overwritten daily)


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