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  • 30 July 2018
  • Written by: Bat Radar Team

Empower your Sponsorship Intelligence!

Which is the most influential brand in your industry?
Who are the most influential people in you industry?

Discover our powerful sponsorship analytics and valuation tool, both for buyers and influencers to measure and maximize value.

Bat Radar™ is the market leading platform to measure and quantify influencers value in social media, using real-time, data-driven intelligence and easy to read insights to maximize ROI.


Are you a brand company?

Influencer marketing is decisive not just to grow your brand’s reach through a lively and exciting channel, but also to learn from industry leaders, stay up to date on trends and maximize your brand’s relevance with your customers.

Quantify and track the value and performance of your sponsorships in social media!

Get a complete picture of influencers, brands, celebrities, ambassadors, and how they rank against each other.

Stop your sponsorship values from being unmeasured.


Want to get an idea? Go to our Charts.

Are you an influencer?

Ask Bat Radar™ how to stand out from the crowd and show your value to your sponsors.

Find out how we can help you enhance your assets.

Maximize your talent.

Want to find out where you are in our Charts rankings? Go straight to our Charts and see it!


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