• 22 June 2018
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Which are the most followed car companies on Instgram in Italy?

Using Bat Radar’s unique Bat Factor, we can easily pinpoint the leading brands and companies that are most successful at using social media. Over the past 30 days, Bat Radar carefully studied the Italian car market, to best determine the tastes and preferences of Italian car lovers and drivers during the month of May-June 2018 and have ranked them accordingly.



The Bat Factor is a clever metric that rewards the social media pages that best involve and engage their audiences. We get all the data via Bat Radar proprietary Influencer Marketing tool created by Milan Polytechnic. The algorithms Bat Radar uses have also been validated by the same respected institution. Here are the ranking details for this report:


  • Observation period: 10 May 2018 – 8 June 2018
  • Platform investigated: Instagram
  • Extracted pages: Car brands registered in Italy with Italian pages
  • Sector: Automobiles
  • Geographical relevance: Italy


Bat factor

In partnership with the Politecnico di Milano, we have created an algorithm – the Bat Factor – which measures influence through analysing relevance, relativity and time and frequency.

The relevance feature measures the real involvement of the public on a social page. So the algorithm is based on the number of actions actually performed by users on that respective social page. The more engaged the audience, the more influence the page holds.

The relativity factor compares the total user actions in relation to the size of the follower base of a social page. In other words, this shows how many people actually cared enough about what the influencer had to say to result in some kind of action. An audience must be seduced and stimulated to do something for a page to have influence.

The Bat Factor also considers time as a primary variable. Audiences are constantly changing, so it’s vital that social pages are kept up-to-date, relevant and that the owner appears active.

Finally, the Bat Factor takes into account the number of posts posted on a page. We have found a positive correlation between frequency and engagement. When posting frequency wanes, so does traffic – so it’s important to be active on social media and post often, without becoming a nuisance or overcrowding your followers’ feeds.



For the purposes of the classification, only the brands and not the individual car models were considered in this index.

To minimize errors and to avoid misunderstandings (sometimes the boundaries between brands and models are very labile) Bat Radar have referred to data on vehicle registrations in Italy developed by the National Automotive Industry Chain Association (ANFIA) based on Italian Ministry of Transportations data.  The object of this survey was therefore all the brands registered in Italy and considered “brands” by ANFIA.

So, as an example, Mini has been considered a brand and not a model since it is present in the ANFIA press releases as, precisely, brand. However, the Mini Cooper which is a type of car has not been singled out as a standalone study.

The findings of Bat Radar’s research are correct as of June 2018, but do not include references to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Honda, Mazda and Nissan, because each company have a global Instagram account and not a separate Italian page, which was measured for this report.



Position Social Platform
Brand Avg Followers Engagement Bat Factor
1 instagram Alfa Romeo Italia Official 22350 72146 6,3551
2 instagram BMW Italia 85063 98636 3,9411
3 instagram Mini Italia 41581 46628 3,6635
4 instagram Mercedes-Benz Italia 147275 101715 3,2671
5 instagram Audi Italia 156375 82798 3,2029
6 instagram Suzuki Italia 10713 15320 2,8008
7 instagram Smart Italia 47165 34800 2,6284
8 instagram Jaguar Italia 42985 29713 2,6272
9 instagram Renault Italia 46545 25131 2,5663
10 instagram Peugeot Italia 41813 19463 2,5524
11 instagram Volvo Auto Italia 28634 13154 2,5081
12 instagram Maserati Italia 58658 24344 2,3735
13 instagram Ford Italia 44298 16212 2,3327
14 instagram Land Rover Italia 74537 24154 2,3307
15 instagram Porsche Italia 87070 19804 2,3224
16 instagram Volkswagen Italia 63938 10556 2,2186
17 instagram Subaru Italia 2118 3384 2,2108
18 instagram Mitsubishi Motors Italia 2949 2482 2,1725
19 instagram Dacia Italia 5053 3610 2,0847
20 instagram Lexus Italia 12205 7948 2,0296
21 instagram Opel Italia 8789 4874 2,0009
22 instagram Škoda Italia 3115 1560 1,9928
23 instagram Kia Motors Italia 31552 9810 1,9747
24 instagram SsangYong Italia 5120 1540 1,9565
25 instagram Fiat Italia 16064 3894 1,9272
26 instagram Jeep Italia 31623 8306 1,869
27 instagram Hyundai Italia 10369 2325 1,8477
28 instagram Lancia Italia 57024 7891 1,8076
29 instagram Citroën Italia 28276 5032 1,7992
30 instagram Toyota Italia 40205 4919 1,7604
31 instagram Seat Italia 16927 2357 1,7589



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