Most followed car companies on Facebook

  • 3 September 2018
  • Written by: Bat Radar Team

Which are the most followed car companies on Facebook (FBGP*) in Italy?

Using Bat Radar’s unique Bat Factor, we can easily pinpoint the leading brands and companies that are most successful at using social media. Over the past 90 days, Bat Radar carefully studied the Italian car market, to best determine the tastes and preferences of Italian car lovers and drivers during the month of June-August 2018 and have ranked them accordingly.


The Bat Factor is a clever metric that rewards the social media pages that best involve and engage their audiences. We get all the data via Bat Radar proprietary Influencer Marketing tool created by Milan Polytechnic. The algorithms Bat Radar uses have also been validated by the same respected institution. Here are the ranking details for this report:


  • Observation periodJune 1, 2018 –  August 31, 2018
  • Platform investigated: Facebook Global Pages
  • Extracted pages: Car brands registered in Italy with Italian pages
  • Sector: Automobiles
  • Geographical relevance: Italy

Bat factor

In partnership with the Politecnico di Milano, we have created an algorithm – the Bat Factor – which measures influence through analysing relevance, relativity and time and frequency.

The relevance feature measures the real involvement of the public on a social page. So the algorithm is based on the number of actions actually performed by users on that respective social page. The more engaged the audience, the more influence the page holds.

The relativity factor compares the total user actions in relation to the size of the follower base of a social page. In other words, this shows how many people actually cared enough about what the influencer had to say to result in some kind of action. An audience must be seduced and stimulated to do something for a page to have influence.

The Bat Factor also considers time as a primary variable. Audiences are constantly changing, so it’s vital that social pages are kept up-to-date, relevant and that the owner appears active.

Finally, the Bat Factor takes into account the number of posts posted on a page. We have found a positive correlation between frequency and engagement. When posting frequency wanes, so does traffic – so it’s important to be active on social media and post often, without becoming a nuisance or overcrowding your followers’ feeds.



For the purposes of the classification, only the brands and not the individual car models were considered in this index.

To minimize errors and to avoid misunderstandings (sometimes the boundaries between brands and models are very labile) Bat Radar have referred to data on vehicle registrations in Italy developed by the National Automotive Industry Chain Association (ANFIA) based on Italian Ministry of Transportations data.  The object of this survey was therefore all the brands registered in Italy and considered “brands” by ANFIA.

So, as an example, Mini has been considered a brand and not a model since it is present in the ANFIA press releases as, precisely, brand. However, the Mini Cooper which is a type of car has not been singled out as a standalone study.


Because every company is different, and each has different focus within their sector, each marketeer will adopt unique strategies to create and promote their presence on Facebook.

Some prefer a single international page to communicate with their global audience; whereas others prefer different pages for each market.

However, this approach ran the risk of overwhelming potential customers by having to search through a multitude of different pages and languages. To avoid this, marketeers and social media strategists are beginning to streamline the process by integrating their social site with Facebook Global Pages. This opportunity takes multiple geographically created pages and aggregates them to provide the user with the most relevant page for them both from a linguistic and geographical advantage.

By using Facebook Global Pages brands can operate more effectively in different markets and maintain various pages for each country whilst:

1 Using a universal brand name

2 Use a single web address for the company

3 Recognise their overall fan response (accumulated from the pages of individual markets)

4 Get global statistics for all fans

The brands observed in this present Bat Radar ranking have registered Global Pages. A quick search on Facebook provides both a default page (name of the single brand, cumulative number of Likes …) and different pages for individual markets.

If a resident in Italy wants to access the Renault page, Facebook will automatically send this user to the Italian page, where they can read Italian content and discover promotions, events and reviews relating to the Italian market.

However, should they wish to visit the Renault France page, users have the option to access the option from within the page, allowing them to seamlessly change the country of reference and access French content, developed only for the French market.

Despite this, the number of page fans will for each country, always the same: in the case of Renault the global data of fans accumulated totals 18 million likes and followers. This is because, Global Pages bring the all analytical data from the individual markets into a single, predefined global page.

For statistical reasons, we need to be able to carry out analysis based on comparable measures, creating different rankings that best reflect the company’s presence on Facebook. Should you find they are not available on Les Cahiers, the Bat Radar blog, please contact Bat Radar directly.

In this example chart for Italian Car Markets, you will notice that neither Ferrari and Porsche have been ranked. This is because both companies only use one international page for all markets. Similarly we have omitted Audi Italia, BMW Italia, Dacia Italia, Honda Auto Italia, Hyundai Italia, Jeep Italia, Kia Motors Italia, Lexus Italia, Maserati Italia, Mazda Italia, Mercedes-Benz Italia, Mitsubishi Motors Italia, Skoda italia, SsangYong Italia, Subaru Italia, Suzuki Italia, Toyota Italia, Volvo Auto Italia, because they have single separated pages for individual markets.

Contact Bat Radar to discuss your analytical requirements today.


Rank Social Brand name Avg Followers Engagement Bat Factor
1 FBGP Smart 2544280 433680 1,7602
2 FBGP Peugeot 11684466 494605 1,7151
3 FBGP Renault 18661420 592855 1,6645
4 FBGP Alfa Romeo 2781476 279175 1,576
5 FBGP Mini 12114351 315998 1,5651
6 FBGP Volkswagen 33411640 323580 1,5627
7 FBGP Land Rover 16005301 168584 1,5558
8 FBGP Ford Italia 8858095 107006 1,5443
9 FBGP Jaguar 17217913 111312 1,5366
10 FBGP Lancia 393306 44981 1,5322
11 FBGP Seat 5454203 78433 1,5277
12 FBGP Fiat 3934434 87300 1,5272
13 FBGP Opel 4009548 77406 1,5166
14 FBGP Nissan 20943477 99301 1,5153
15 FBGP Lamborghini 12553450 80126 1,5152
16 FBGP Citroën 10614123 29846 1,5135

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