1 - Bat Radar Charts

What are Bat Radar Charts and how can my business use them?
Bat Radar Charts have been created to be multifunctional and useful for the following purposes:
1. Helping businesses and marketing managers best discover trends and digital influencers, such as public figures, bloggers, brands and celebrities who have a great popularity and social presence on the internet and especially on social media networks. We use a unique ranking system based on engagement, i.e. the number of actions that the public performs on these pages such as likes, comments or shares to help marketing professionals look for brand-ambassadors and connections which can boost their search results or improve interactions and reactions with their target audience.
2. Offering an influencers evaluation tool, which uses unbiased and objective data based solely on analytics and engagement based results.
3. Allowing both influencers and businesses, a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so that they might work out the best strategies to improve their social media results month after month.
4. Promoting a positive stimulus towards brand reflection, based on engagement and performance, allowing all operators to understand better the dinamycs and successful target metrics of influencer marketing.
What is the difference between the Charts published on the Bat Radar website, the rankings published in the Charts Archive and the rankings published on Les Cahiers BR blog?


The charts published on the Bat Radar website are rankings ordered by engagement, i.e. the total number of actions carried out by the public on a given page. Engagement is given by the sum of Likes, Comments and Shares. It is a value also called “Interactions”.

These charts are updated in real time. If you look closely at the Observation Period, you will notice that this changes every day. Every day the rankings show the data observed in the previous 30 days; each time a new interaction on a monitored social page occurs the charts will reflect the changes simultaneously.



Since the Charts are very dynamic and updated in real time, we have also chosen to create an archive of the classifications contained in the Charts section. These are saved monthly and are fixed (they do not undergo variations or displacements). They can therefore be used for sharing via links and reference points suitable for monthly or periodic reviews; and demonstrate a clearer idea of what needs to be done to improve a business and what is performing more favourably with the target audience.



The rankings of Les Cahiers BR are separate from the Charts rankings and take into account further criteria than simply engagement data which are then sorted by Bat Factor. Find out more about Les Cahier BR by clicking here.

How can I declare on my site to be a Top Influencer certified by Bat Radar?

Are you in our rankings?
Show your talent to the world.
Easily and quickly integrate our Top Influencer widget on your website.


I am an Influencer. How can I be recognised by your Charts?

Bat Radar is a social influence platform that has become the reference point for marketers all over the world.

Les Cahiers BR, our blog, is one of the means by which we promote our services.

Our job is to collect, classify and sell data to the community of social influence professionals in an impartial and independent manner.

We carry out our work scrupulously and professionally and have innovative internal procedures. The Bat Radar rankings are considered “influential” by all the managers who work in the influencer marketing sector.

We are aware of how much this industry has grown in recent years and how important it is for an influencer to appear in our rankings.

We are happy to accommodate all requests, if this means to signal new ambassadors and new investment opportunities to marketers. We hope to make it easier to create the necessary dialogue between influences and businesses so that the most mutual and beneficial connections can be made.


What to do

If you are not present in our rankings, you can be entered. Find out how here.

Once included you will always be present in our systems. We will make sure your page can be analysed and appear in the ranking (provided the page is always active). It is important to know that this cost does not purely guarantee high ranking results, since the algorithm has been created to generate impartial and independent results. And yet, many bloggers, and many influencer agencies, have now realized that being in our database, in any position, ensures an incredible advantage over those who are not present. In fact, our rankings are followed by the largest international marketer community in all sectors.

2 - Criteria for inclusion in the analysis

What are the social pages you include in your analysis?

We include all social pages that may be of interest to marketers: brands, public figures and influencers from every business sector.

What data is analysed to evaluate a social page?

To develop the charts, we use the Bat Radar platform, the social media intelligence platform created by the Politecnico di Milan on behalf of Bat Radar.

The data collected is objective, independent and unchangeable by the team.

Our ranking system is based on the engagement generated by a page (also called “interactions”), or the sum of likes, comments and shares made by the public.

The popularity and degree of influence of a page is measured by the actions performed by the public.

Do you rank social media pages managed by influencer marketing agencies?

Yes, we include social media pages managed by influencer marketing agencies. To obtain a good quality product is often necessary to the work of a team of experts.

3 - Frequently Asked Question

Are the Bat Radar rankings subjective or objective?

The rankings contained in the Bat Radar Charts are based on purely objective criteria.

4 - Citing Sources

Can I quote the Bat Radar ranking in my presentations?

The rankings contained in the Bat Radar CHARTS, as well as the rankings published on Les Cahiers BR, the Bat Radar blog, are protected by Copyright.

You can certainly mention them by remembering to explicitly indicate the source – quoting Bat Radar. In fact, Bat Radar is the owner of the platform, the rankings and the copyright of the rankings.

If you want to publish a link to our ranking, we suggest you use the link contained in the Charts Archives or the Les Cahiers BR ranking to provide an overall picture for your page performance over the last month as the Charts themselves are updated in real time.

You can also download and publish our Bat Radar “Top Influencer” widget on your website.



5 - Frequency of updates

What is the frequency of updates?

The rankings contained in the CHARTS section of the Bat Radar website are updated in real time. You can therefore check brand performance from one day to another.

Each chart’s observation period is measured over the last 30 days. So, for the best results Bat Radar recommends checking back every month for a report over the last 30 days, or every day should you wish to witness the changes in action.

Every month all the rankings are saved in ‘Charts Archive’.

We recommend using the rankings contained in the Archive for the eventual publication of the chart each month. The rankings in the Archive do not undergo further variations and are stored purely for a simplified point of reference.

6 - Classification of influencers in TIERS or STARS

Classification of influencers in TIERS or STARS

As of September 2018 Bat Radar has developed a new classification of the influencers in Tiers, or in levels.

Not all influencers are on the same tier. As you can easily guess, there are the top influencers, which we have called Tier 1, then there are intermediate classes of influencers, and finally there are the Microinfluencers.

Microinfluencers are no less important than top influencers for marketeers, precisely because they are authentic and passionate. And their classification is essential.

So here we have developed a new classification of influencers in Tiers, so that the level (the positioning of each of them) is very clear to the marketing departments who decide to invest in influencer marketing operations.

The classification in “Stars”, on the other hand, is more easily understood than the expression “Tiers”, but the classification is the same. Also the classification in Stars has been modified starting from September 2018.


TIER 1 – Supernovas 100 mln up
TIER 2 – Superstars 10 mln 100 mln
TIER 3 – Stars 1.000.000 10.000.000
TIER 4 – Rising stars 100.000 1.000.000
TIER 5 – Moonwalkers 10.000 100.000
MICROINFLUENCERS – Stardusts 0 10.000


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