Classification of influencers in TIERS or STARS

  • 29 October 2018
  • Written by: Bat Radar Team

As of September 2018 Bat Radar has developed a new classification of the influencers in Tiers, or in levels.

Not all influencers are on the same tier. As you can easily guess, there are the top influencers, which we have called Tier 1, then there are intermediate classes of influencers, and finally there are the Microinfluencers.

Microinfluencers are no less important than top influencers for marketeers, precisely because they are authentic and passionate. And their classification is essential.

So here we have developed a new classification of influencers in Tiers, so that the level (the positioning of each of them) is very clear to the marketing departments who decide to invest in influencer marketing operations.

The classification in “Stars”, on the other hand, is more easily understood than the expression “Tiers”, but the classification is the same. Also the classification in Stars has been modified starting from September 2018.


Fan base

TIER 1 – Supernovas 100 mln up
TIER 2 – Superstars 10 mln 100 mln
TIER 3 – Stars 1.000.000 10.000.000
TIER 4 – Rising stars 100.000 1.000.000
TIER 5 – Moonwalkers 10.000 100.000
MICROINFLUENCERS – Stardusts 0 10.000

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