Valentina Ferragni

How we did it

The Bat Radar Factor is a clever metric that rewards the social media pages that best involve and engage their audiences. We get all the data via Bat Radar proprietary Influencer Marketing tool created by Milan Polytechnic. The algorithms Bat Radar uses have also been validated by the same respected institution. Here are the ranking details for this report:


  • Number of positions shown in the ranking hereafter: 5
  • Observation period:  18 February 2018 – 7 March  2018 (30 days)
  • Categories extracted: Fashion Blogs
  • Geographical relevance: Italy
  • Genre: Male and female
  • Social network: Instagram
  • Segment: Superstars (1 to 9.9 million fanbase)
  • Business sector: Fashion

List of segments:

  • Stardusts
  • Rising stars
  • Stars
  • Superstars (fan base from 1 million to 9.9 million)
  • Super Giants
  • Supernovas

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Top Italian Fashion bloggers


Valentina Ferragni


Blogs  Italy  Female

Bat Factor: 3.8558

Chiara Nasti


Blogs  Italy  Female

Bat Factor: 2.9164

Chiara Biasi


Blogs  Italy  Female

Bat Factor: 2.7077

Cristina Musacchio


Blogs  Italy  Female

Bat Factor: 2.5330

Mariano Di Vaio


Blogs  Italy  Male

Bat Factor: 2.3227

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