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Rankings Updated

All our rankings updated. Order by engagement. First Quarter 2019.Food, Automotive, Fashion, Celebrities, Fitness.

Counting Stars

Discover the list of the Instagram Stars ranked by bat factor.

Can virtual groups replace focus groups?

Or: Can social media constitute an analytical and interpretative resource to understand consumer’s choices?

Twinkle twinkle rising star

Discover the list of the Rising Stars in Influencer Marketing ranked by bat factor.

False Narratives and Data Storytelling

One of the potentially negative results in which the communicative process falls very frequently are the so-called “False Narratives”.

Instagram Stardusts – Fashion Microinfluencers – November 2018

Discover the list of the most followed microinfluencers on Instagram.

Turning the Microscope on Micro-Influencers

Find out more about how influencer marketing and working with micro-influencers may affect your results.

Classification of influencers in TIERS or STARS

As of September 2018 Bat Radar has developed a new classification of the influencers in Tiers, or in levels.

New dynamic chart! Most followed models on Instagram (Tier 1 to 5 + Micro)

Most followed models on Instagram. Daily updated.

Top Fashion Influencers worldwide – September 2018

Monthly ranking. September 2018. Bloggers, journalists, insiders.